Usage Based Insurance Program


Usage-based insurance is a program that rewards safe driving behavior using a mobile application downloaded to your smartphone. The application uses your smartphone’s GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope to assess how safely you drive and calculate your potential discount. You automatically receive a 10% discount just for enrolling and after the collection period of 3-6 months you can save up to 30%.

Contact your broker today to discuss what programs are available and we can walk you through the registration process. In order to register, you are required to download an application on your smartphone and provide your email address and mobile phone number. Once you have downloaded the app, start driving and your driving performance will be assessed.

Your safe driving habits are assessed using many factors. The three main factors are your speed, smoothness and focus. Driving the speed limit, limited hard breaking events and focusing on the road will contribute to safer roads and lower premiums. We understand even the most cautious drivers will encounter situations where speed or hard breaking may be necessary, this is why the data is assessed using the average of multiple trips. Other driving behaviors such as turning, distance driven, time of day, type of road driven on and distracted driving are taken into consideration.

All data collected is subject to a strict privacy policy and is not shared without your consent. The data collected is only used to assess your safe driving habits and determine your applicable discount.

By enrolling in the program you will benefit from a 10% enrollment discount and be eligible for up to 30% discount. Throughout the collection period, you will be able to view the data collected and obtain tips to improve your safe driving habits and increase your savings.

Upon enrollment, you will automatically receive a discount of 10%. A collection period of 3-6 months is required to assess your personalized discount. With some programs, the discount will continue to update after your assessment period and on renewal. With others, your discount obtained after the collection period will apply on renewal and cannot be changed.

No to worry, you can contact your broker at any time to end your participation in the program. Keep in mind, once unenrolled in the program you will lose all applicable discounts.

Yes! Any driver enrolled in the program will see their discount applied to the vehicles that they are assigned to as a principal driver.

Yes! If you use your vehicle for business use such as a realtor or sales representative, your business use trips will contribute to your assessment.

**Note this program is not available for commercially rated vehicles.

Yes, the program uses a small amount of your cellular data plan. Typically, no more than streaming a 5-minute video per month.

Yes, your discount and rates will reflect your driving habits. With some programs, you can lose the enrollment discount, but your rate will not increase because of your driving habits. With other programs, you can lose the enrollment discount, and riskier driving habits may result in a premium increase up to 10%. Drivers with safe driving habits are less likely to have insurance claims so they are offered a discount. Riskier driving habits are more likely to cause an accident and insurance claims and as a result, a higher premium may be charged.

The app uses state of the art technology to identify if you are entering the vehicle as a passenger or using other forms of transportation. Not to worry! If you have been mistaken as the driver, you will have an opportunity to correct the trip on your app.

You can note in the app that you were not the driver. Intact allows changes up to 30 days and Travelers allows 10 days.

Your payments will automatically update according to your payment plan. If you pay monthly, your withdrawals will automatically reflect the new premiums. If you pay annually, the difference in premium is typically sent with your invoice by mail. If you have any questions regarding your pay plan, please contact your broker.