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DG Smith helps protect your recreational vehicles; your snowmobiles, motorized boats, and ATVs with recreational vehicle insurance.
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Recreational Vehicle Insurance Overview

Whether you own a motorcycle, an ATV, RV, boat, or snowmobile, D.G. Smith believes that your recreational vehicle is an important investment to you and your family. If something happened to your vehicle, recreational insurance could step in to offer reimbursement for your necessary repairs or replacements and even help you if you were held liable for property damage or bodily injury to someone else. You can get quotes with D.G. Smith today for free online.

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Physical Damage

If an insured loss were to destroy or damage your recreational vehicle, your recreational insurance may offer compensation for the cost of repairs or replacements. Most recreational vehicles, like boats, will likely not have coverage for wear and tear but comprehensive/collision insurance can cover damages to your boat due to severe weather and crashes with other vehicles or objects.

Bodily Injury/Property Damage

Liability for unintentional bodily injury or property damage to third party is included in your recreational insurance and can help offset any legal expenses, settlement fees, or other costs pertaining to legal action taken against you for your actions.

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Medical Payments:

Includes coverage for any medical expenses that may result from an insured accident while operating your recreational vehicle.

Personal Liability:

Includes protection for expenses that come out of unintentional harm or property damage to a third party.


Includes protection against physical damages or loss to the items you carry on your recreational vehicle, motorcycle, trailer, boat, etc.

Common Endorsements

Your existing recreational insurance may not be sufficient enough to cover everything you want it to. If you feel as though you need to supplement your coverage in order to include any and all perils you may face while on the water, track, or road, there are endorsements available to purchase. Waiver of Depreciation (for replacement valued at the price you purchased your recreational vehicle for), increased coverage for personal contents, and additional living expense.

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It is not mandatory to carry recreational insurance if your leisure vehicle is a trailer being towed, but in many cases you will be required to have the provincial minimum for liability for recreational vehicles that are being driven. It is highly recommended that you acquire enough insurance to reflect your individual circumstances.

Short answer, yes! It is a good idea to purchase recreational insurance even if your vehicle is in storage so as to cover it from other hazards it is still exposed to while not in use. Some insurers may let you adjust coverage if your vehicle is not being used.

It depends! Your claims history, experience with your vehicle, type of vehicle, and how you use it all factor into how much you will pay for your recreational insurance. An account manager from D.G. Smith can discuss all the ways you can make your costs more manageable.

Comprehensive coverage, which may require separate purchase, can cover theft and vandalism for your recreational vehicle (such as your boat, motorcycle, RV, snowmobile, etc.)

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