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Home insurance can protect your home, belongings, living expenses and your liability.
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Home Insurance Overview

Living in Ontario, we understand that there is a need to protect the things we’ve worked hard for. Your home can be your single largest investment in your lifetime – which is why they should be protected. We face risks in our day to day lives, no matter the types of precautions we take. D.G. Smith helps you to find a coverage plan that meets your needs and guarantees you and your family peace of mind – at home, and wherever else you are in the world.

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If an insured loss caused damages or destroyed your home entirely, your home insurance policy would help cover your home and detached structures and may include any permanent outdoor installments, swimming pools, and any materials or supplies that are being used to do repairs or alterations on your home/its detached structures.

Personal Belongings

If an insured loss occurred where your belongings were damaged or destroyed, your home insurance may offer coverage. These include items such as furniture you own, appliances, electronics (up to a stated limit), clothes, etc. You will want to have a general idea of the total value of your belongings. We recommend keeping a content inventory log and update as needed. This will help expedite the claims process if you ever suffer a serious loss.

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Sewer back-up:

Includes protection for water damage from sewer backup, sump pump and/or septic system malfunction or rupture that is otherwise not covered in your typical home insurance policy.

Jewellery Rider:

Includes protection for the cost of repairs/replacement for any higher value items that would exceed the limit provided in your contents insurance.

Identity Theft Coverage:

Includes protection for costs incurred as a result of identity theft so you can recover faster.

Common Endorsements

You should carry enough home insurance to meet the needs of you and your family, but a general policy may have its limitations. Endorsements are available for a small price and can offer huge coverage, like overland water coverage, home-based business, and watercraft coverage. In order to have protection against exposures you may face, endorsements can cover gaps in your existing insurance or increase your limits.

Contact your D.G. Smith account manager about any home insurance endorsements you may require.

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A typical home insurance policy will not include most types of watercrafts. To have coverage for these items, you may want to consider adding a watercraft endorsement to your existing home insurance to include damages to your boat and liability coverage (if you were to cause injury or property damage to a third party while using your boat.)

It varies from insurance provider to insurance provider and the place you call home, but your property insurance will cover your physical building and potentially your detached structures. Your policy can cover personal belongings up to a stated limit, and also includes third-party liability coverage.

If you do not own the place you call home, you may need to purchase tenant’s insurance to have coverage for your personal belongings and liability. Your landlord will have coverage for the common areas and physical building but it won’t include your possessions or if you are liable for damages/injury to someone else.

If you have made renovations to your property that alters its value, your insurance may not reflect these changes. You will need to update your insurance policy to have coverage for these upgrades or renovations, especially if you have added something major like a swimming pool.

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