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Your farm is your business, and it needs insurance just like any other commercial operation.
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Farm Insurance Overview

Farm insurance covers dwellings on your farm, its buildings, your liability, and your integral equipment/machinery. Discuss with a broker about separate coverages for perils not typically included in your average farm insurance policy. There is coverage available for all types of farms, including beef, cash crop, dairy, pork, poultry, and so many more.

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Physical Damage

If an insured loss were to destroy or damage your farm’s property, your farm insurance could cover the cost of repairs or replacements up until the limits stated on your policy. Your policy can also offer coverage for any detached structures from your main farm, like silos, mills, sheds, and more. There may be exclusions to the kind of damage your farm is covered for, particularly floods, earthquakes. These can be added by an endorsement if your farm is eligible.


Liability for unintentional bodily injury or property damage to third party is likely included with your farm insurance policy if your farm’s operations are deemed responsible. Liability cases may also arise from your products malfunctioning or causing injury, your employees, or any machinery/equipment you operate.

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Farm Buildings:

Includes coverage for damages or losses to the physical structure of your farm’s buildings due to named perils in your policy up until your stated limits.


Includes protection for damages or losses due to named perils to your necessary equipment and assets.


Includes protection against any expenses that may come of a lawsuit due to unintentional harm, damages, or injury to another.

Common Endorsements

Sometimes, the basics aren’t enough. Every farm operates differently and has different limits for your assets, equipment and harvest. If you need more coverage or if your existing limits and coverage aren’t enough, you can purchase higher limits or additional coverage for ice damage, tornado and windstorm damage, hail, water escape and rupture, and more. Discuss with a broker if you feel your existing coverage may not be enough to protect the needs of your operations.

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Your farm is an investment and may be a major or sole source of income for you and your family. Farm insurance is a small cost next to the financial losses that could come of unexpected losses from personal liability or loss to your property from physical damage such as a fire.

Rates for farm insurance depend on the size of your business, revenue generated, buildings, staff, crops being produced, animals raised, and type of ongoing operations.

D.G. Smith can help all kinds of farm operations find coverage plans that suit their needs, including poultry, hobby farms, dairy, beef, cash crop, and more. We account for the needs of different kinds of farms and what they specialize in and help them find the protection they need.

If your farm produces a harvest, you may need crop insurance to protect against hail storms and other natural disasters such as floods, fires, insects, disease, and more.

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