Commercial General Liability Insurance

Defend your business against the devestating financial losses a lawsuit could wreak with basic CGL.
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Commercial General Liability Overview

CGL or commercial general liability insurance is a must-have for businesses in the event of a lawsuit due to a slip and fall on business property, product malfunction, advertising injury, and more. This is basic insurance for many commercial operations and is a small cost next to the potentially devastating financial loss that a lawsuit could bring about. Legal defense costs, settlement fees, and compensation can all range into the thousands of dollars’ worth of loss – which many businesses cannot recover from.

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Bodily Injury

If your business is found legally liable for bodily injury to a third party, client, or even a stranger coming to browse your physical location, your commercial general liability can offer coverage for some or all of the resulting legal expenses and settlement charges deemed necessary in court. For example: if a visitor to your business property were to slip, injure themselves, and sue as a result, your commercial general liability would step in to help cover the costs up until your policy’s stated limits.

Property Damage

If your business is found legally liable for damages to another party or business’ property, your commercial general liability insurance may offer funds up to your policy’s limits to cover some or all of the damages that are deemed necessary for compensation in court, as well as coverage for legal defense fees and any settlement fees.

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Personal Injury:

This offers protection for lawsuit expenses that may come of unintentional personal or advertising injury, including libel or slander.

Product Liability:

This protects against any lawsuit expenses that may come of malfunction of a product your business manufactures.

Medical Expenses:

This protects against the cost of medical expenses that may come of an accident where your business is liable for injuries to a client or third-party.

Other Business Liability Exposures

Not every business operates the same, meaning that different insurance coverages may be necessary to cover your business and its employees against a wide range of perils. If you have a board of directors who oversee your business activities, you may be required or benefit greatly from directors & officers liability insurance. If your business offers what is considered a “professional” service, you may be required to purchase errors & omissions insurance that extends beyond your average CGL policy.

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Commercial general liability insurance will typically protect against common exposures from exchanges and interactions with a third-party, such as slips and falls, slander and libel, advertising injury, and property damage.

It depends. Your business’ size, operations, average revenue, how many clients, employees, etc. are all factors in how much you may need for CGL coverage. It is typically recommended that small businesses choose a base limit of $2,000,000 on a liability policy.

Short answer: not typically. Perils such as fire, sewer backup or floods may prevent you from operating your business for a small period of time, but your CGL insurance won’t include compensation for loss of revenue during this time. This is where business interruption insurance can come in to play.

If your business utilizes technology by storing client data, financial information, and deals with other sensitive digital files, it may be at risk of a cyberattack. CGL will not include coverage for these events. A separate cyber insurance policy can be purchased for these types of exposures.

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