Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business relies on a fleet or commercial vehicles to do its job, you need commercial auto insurance.
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Commercial Auto Insurance Overview

Commercial auto insurance is essential protection for your vehicles, no matter how many you operate. Big or small, your company vehicles require our protection. Commercial auto insurance offers coverage for the physical vehicles we use, their liability, and more so that they can stay on the road and ensure your business operations continue as smoothly as possible.

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Third-Party Liability

Should you or your employees be held responsible for damages to someone else ‘s property or causing them serious bodily injury while operating a commercial vehicle, your third-party liability coverage will help offer protection.

Direct Compensation

For your physical vehicles, direct compensation covers damage to your vehicle and what’s included inside of it. This also includes coverage for loss of use in the event of an insured accident. With direct compensation, you deal with your insurance provider for compensation.

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Accident Benefits:

This offers protection for individuals injured in an insured accident and offers financial assistance to help the recovery process – regardless of who caused the accident.


This protects against damages to company vehicles due to falling objects, vandalism, natural disaster, etc. This is an endorsement that needs separate purchase.


This protects against the cost of damages due to a collision with another vehicle or object. This is an optional coverage that requires additional purchase.

Common Endorsements

Every business operates differently, meaning that your coverage needs will vary. If you have one car or a fleet of trucks, you will need varying amounts of coverage to protect you and your commercial operations. You can purchase endorsements to supplement your insurance such as collision, comprehensive and loss of use coverage.

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Every vehicle in Canada that operates on public roads is required by law to have insurance. This does not discount commercial vehicles, which may be responsible for hauling goods, transporting clients, and more. If you have a fleet or even just a single company vehicle, you need commercial auto insurance.

IRCA policies typically include four or less vehicles where fleet policies are typically defined as any policy with 5 or more vehicles registered in a company name. Some fleet policies in Ontario may include an endorsement that automatically covers all vehicles registered in the company name which helps reduce gaps in insurance.  These types of endorsements do not apply to IRCA policies.

Commercial auto insurance rates range based on what you use the vehicle for, how far you travel per year, where you operate, type of vehicle, and many more factors. Your broker will work with you to provide the best rate for the coverage you need.

Vehicles being used for commercial purposes – transporting goods, tools, equipment, clients, driving from work site to work site, etc. – are considered commercial vehicles. These can be anything – from large trucks to a few small cars operated by employees.

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