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Business Insurance Overview

Your business is something you’ve likely put a ton of time, effort, and money into. Business insurance ensures that the fruits of your efforts don’t go to waste by helping you get the right coverage suited to your operations. It can help offset any costs necessary for repairs or replacements due to an insured loss to your physical location, help pay off legal expenses, and more.

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Property Damage

Your business insurance may offer coverage for the physical property that you do business out of.  If something were to happen, leaving your business vulnerable, your commercial insurance could spare you from some serious, catastrophic financial losses. Your property coverage may offer you protection against damages from perils such as fire, vandalism, and severe weather events to your building, equipment and stock.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability is a base necessity for many businesses as it offers essential coverage for lawsuit claims. For instance, if a client were attending your business and tripped, causing injury to themselves, you may be sued as a result. This could leave you in debt for thousands of dollars – or even hundreds of thousands. This is where liability coverage comes in to play.

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Business Interruption:

This protects your company from any ongoing expenses during a period of forced closure due to an insured event.

Crime Coverage:

This protects against events that are not included in most typical liability or property policies, such as fraud, impersonation, or employee theft.

Equipment Breakdown:

This protects against the cost of repairs or replacements for your company’s integral machinery or equipment.

Common Endorsements

Every business is different, and even within the same industry some businesses can operate in very distinct ways. It is important that your business insurance policy accurately reflects your needs and requirements and business insurance endorsements may help you achieve this. These are supplementary coverage options that require additional purchase, including: business interruption, additional insurance for subcontractors, liquor liability, and equipment breakdown.

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Businesses that offer professional services or advice may be required to carry professional liability insurance, or it is highly recommended (and some clients may even ask for proof of insurance depending on industry!). Lawsuits of this nature can be particularly expensive so having the right protection is a must for many business owners

Yes and no. Some industries, specifically those offering professional services or medical services, may be required to carry some form of insurance. For others, it isn’t a necessity, but it is highly recommended.

Business insurance rates depend on the kind of business you run, your average revenue, size of business, what you do/offer/sell, and many more factors. A broker can offer you advice on how to get the coverage you need for the right price.

Business interruption is commercial insurance that protects your business if you are forced to temporarily close your doors for a duration due to an insured loss and you are still required to pay ongoing expenses, like bills, employee wages, and more.

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