Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Heading on vacation for March Break?  Here are some tips to ensure safe and smooth travels. 

In the coming weeks, Canada will be easing travel restrictions as COVID-19 cases decline. If you are thinking about a vacation this spring, be sure to you are up to date on the travel requirements at your destination and upon your return to Canada.  Travel requirements are constantly changing and vary depending on destination, vaccination status and age of traveler.  You can find the most up to date information on the Government of Canada website.

Before you head out on vacation be sure to check the requirements for entering the country at your destination. Many countries require you to complete a health status form and produce an acceptable QR code upon entry.  Likewise, you will need to download the ArriveCan app and complete the information required for your return to Canada.  

Travelling with kids?  Here are a few quick tips to ensure safe and smooth travel. 

  • Know the amenities available at your destination before you go.  This can help you avoid packing additional items you do not need, for example, bulky items such as a baby crib and items that are easily accessible at your destination such as diapers.
  • It is a good idea to pack emergency items such as a small first aid kit, anti-itch cream and bug spray, depending on your destination. 
  • If travelling with young children be sure to have lots of activities to keep them entertained along the way.  Stickers, colouring books, and snacks can help pass the travel time.  Download your favourite shows on a tablet so you have entertainment when wifi is not accessible. 
  • Pack hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and extra masks and keep them accessible so you can easily replace them if they get dirty during your travels. 
  • Pack headphones with an aux input that will be compatible with the airline so you can tune into on flight entertainment. 

If you will be renting a car at your destination, you will want to ensure you have the proper insurance coverage in place.  Your auto insurance policy may have coverage extending to rental vehicles while traveling within North America.  This type of car insurance may show on your policy as OPCF 27, and protects you against loss or damage to vehicles you rent and do not own.  Contact your broker before you travel to determine what coverage you may need while renting a vehicle. 

If you are leaving the province, you will want to ensure you have appropriate travel insurance in place for you and your family.  Different types of travel insurance include medical, lost luggage, trip cancellation, and trip interruption.  Many factors need to be considered when purchasing a policy such as travel destination, vaccination status, health condition and coverage requirements.  We recommend you contact your insurance broker to discuss your options and have a policy in place before you travel.