Spring Clean Up!

Spring Clean Up!

As Canadian’s we know that the changing weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures can be hard on our vehicles and homes. Spring is just around the corner and so it is time for you to start thinking about that never-ending to do list.  Insurance is there to protect you against sudden and accidental losses.   It is important to know, an insurance company may deny your claim if the loss could have been prevented through regular maintenance. 

Many of us immediately think of property maintenance when we hear the phrase “spring clean-up” but our vehicles need some attention too!  

  • TIRES:  With the snow gone for another season, now is the time to switch out your winter tires. Ensure the pressure of the tires is adequate and check the tread wear for your safety.  
  • WIPER BLADES: Ice and snow can cause damage to wiper blades. If needed, replace your wiper blades and make sure your windshield fluid it topped up.  
  • BATTERY: The cold weather can drain your vehicle battery. Regular service appointments can help avoid getting stuck or experiencing delays due to a dead car battery. 
  • INSURANCE: It’s time to contact your insurance broker to add/remove coverage on your seasonal vehicles  

As one of your biggest assets, continuous maintenance on your home will help sustain its value, appearance, and prevent losses.   

  •  GUTTER AND DOWNSPOUTS:  To avoid potential clogging in your gutters and downspouts, be sure to remove debris such as pine needles that may have accumulated throughout the winter. With the weight of ice and snow, it is also a good time to check for any repairs.   
  • AIR CONDITIONER: To ensure efficiency, replace or clean out your air conditioner’s filters. Make sure the drain pans are functioning properly and do not forget to remove the cover prior to turning it on.
  • ROOF INSPECTION: Fixing your roof can be costly. Take some time to do a “walk-around” to check for missing or damaged shingles, loose materials, animal infestation, chimney damage or mold/rot. If you have an attic in your home, check on its condition from the inside of your home.  
  • LEAKS & SEEPAGE – As the ground begins to thaw, it is important to examine the foundation of your home to prevent potential water damage.  Turning the exterior water back on may present some leaks that require attention. Lastly, verify your window seals and exterior walls are in good condition.

The sunny weather seems to give us an extra burst of energy; allocate some of that energy to your chores now so you can enjoy the warmer weather. 

Happy cleaning!